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Employment Services


Port Fabricators hires a variety of trades and professions which range from production employees to exempt and non-exempt employees. Here are just a few examples;



Ø Welder I / Welder II / Pipe Weldersimg_0320_employmentimg_0313_employment

Ø Fitter I / Fitter II / Fitter Helpers

Ø Pipe Fitter I / Pipe Fitter II / Pipe Fitter Helpers

Ø Blaster / Painters

Ø Electricians

Ø Carpenters

Ø Diesel Mechanics

Ø Burners

Ø Machinist

Ø Layouts

Ø Scaffolds

Ø Riggers

Ø Machine Operators

Ø Labor / Firewatch


Exempt and Non-Exemptimg_0327_employmentimg_0321_employment


Ø Clerks

Ø Secretaries

Ø Planners

Ø Engineers

Ø Administrative Assistants

Ø Drafters

"Port Fabricators is an Equal Opportunity Employer"